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What Is Your Lifeline?

What Is Your Lifeline?

What comes to mind when you hear the word lifeline? 

Is it a certain tendency? Like, “Oh coffee is my lifeline, I couldn’t live without it.” 

Or maybe it’s a person? Your husband is your lifeline… or maybe even your children or your best friend? 

According to the Oxford dictionary, the word lifeline meansa thing on which someone or something depends or which provides a means of escape from a difficult situation.” 

Something we depend on, something that provides an escape in difficult situations… 

When I hear that I know where I go. I go to Netflix. I go to a chilled glass of white wine after a long hot summer day. I go scrolling on Instagram for hours or even a big shopping spree for that good ole’ retail therapy. 

And sadly I do a LOT of these things before I go and sit before my Lord, always present in the Eucharist, ready to console me, provide an escape from this harsh world, and heal me. 

Why is this? 

Why is it always so hard to choose that thing that we know will keep us moving on the path towards Sainthood? 

After those long days when we go to watch media for hours or shop unnecessarily or lean on any earthly escape really, we never feel fully satisfied. Sure we get a bit of satisfaction out of it, but it’s just that quick hit of instant gratification and then the guilt sets in later. 

Because we aren’t at peace. And we know we could be doing better. We know that we were made for more and we know that those habits or coping mechanisms can’t be our lifeline, because they don’t lead to life… they really don’t lead to anything. 

They cause you to stay exactly where you are. No progress. No movement towards Heaven. Exactly where the evil one wants you. 

So this month, let’s be different. When difficult seasons arise, let’s run to the chapel. Let’s run to our Lord, our Creator, our Love and let’s ask Him for help before we go straight back to those chick flicks we’ve seen a million times. And let’s do it in that order. Jesus first. 

Jesus has to be our lifeline friends. 

He is the only true lifeline. 

He is the only true source of comfort and escape. He is the only one that can satisfy your heart. Really believe that with me… I beg you to sit in those words. He is everything you guys. 

Summer can cause a prayer rut so easily. It can cause a break in our routine, a break in our typical morale of living, a break in our relationship with Jesus. 

But take this new month as a new opportunity to make the Lord your lifeline. 

Get back up with me, and go see Him today. 

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