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How To Pray A Holy Hour

Desiring to deepen your relationship with Jesus but need actionable steps? Let's chat!

10 Ways to Live Out Your Catholic Faith in Todays Modern World

Navigating how to live out your Catholic faith in today's modern world can be challenging. 🙏🏻 In a fast-paced, constantly changing world, it can sometimes feel difficult to stay grounded in your faith. But living...

Who was Blessed Carlo Acutis and What Does He Have To Do With Eucharistic Miracles

  Have you ever heard of Eucharistic miracles? These are extraordinary events where the bread and wine consecrated during Mass are transformed in such a way that they become visibly the body and blood of...

What is the Catechism of the Catholic Church?

Have you heard of the Catechism but not sure what it is? Let's break it down!

What is the Surrender Novena?

In our Catholic prayer tradition, novenas hold a significant place. Novenas are nine-day periods of prayer and reflection, often centered around a specific intention or devotion. The Surrender Novena is a powerful spiritual tool rooted...

What Is the Eucharist?

The Eucharist? What's that? Let's break down a simple explanation from where it came from in scripture, the Theology behind it and what happens during the Mass. let's learn about the beauty and truth in the Eucharist.

The Catholic Stance on Contraception

The Honest Truth: The Catholic Stance on Contraception Hello, West Coast Catholic Friends! Today, we’re diving into a topic that's as sensitive as it is significant—what do Catholics believe about contraception? Yes, it’s one of...

Ways to Honor Mary in the Month of May

May holds a special significance for Catholics around the world as it is dedicated to honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus. This month-long celebration offers a unique opportunity for Catholics to deepen...

What are Marian Apparitions?

Marian apparitions hold a special place in the hearts of millions of Catholics worldwide. These extraordinary events, where the Blessed Virgin Mary has appeared to individuals or groups, have been reported throughout history, inspiring awe,...

West Coast Catholic: How It Started & The Unique Mission God Has Given Us

Mari and Trey Wagner share how West Coast Catholic started first as a blog and then how they grew it into a successful business with a mission to inspire and equip people to live a Christ-centered life.

What Do Catholics Believe About Salvation?

Salvation, the beautiful promise of eternal redemption, occupies a place of profound significance in the hearts of Catholics worldwide. It's not just a concept; it's the embodiment of God's boundless love and mercy, reaching out...

What is the Divine Mercy Chaplet?

In a world often plagued by turmoil and uncertainty, the concept of divine mercy offers solace and hope to millions of believers. At the heart of this devotion lies the Divine Mercy Chaplet, a powerful...

How to Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet

To have a desire to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet you probably want to know the story of where it came from. The Divine Mercy Chaplet came from God through the prayers of St. Faustina....

Do Catholics Believe in Birth Control?

Let's dive into this spicy but highly chatted about topic of - Do Catholics Believe in Birth Control?

Who are the Saints?

Who the heck are the Saints and what did they do? Am I a Saint? Let's dive into who the Saints are and what makes someone a Saint.

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