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Who are you?

No really – take a moment to reflect on this question. 

Who do you say that you are? How do others describe you? Most importantly, how does God the Father describe you?

In the Christian world, this question on identity, who you are as a beloved daughter or son, and who you were made to be, can sometimes be something we hear too often. But I beg you to not roll your eyes when you read this question–

“Are you actually living the life He has called you to live? Are you bringing the gifts that you alone have to this world?”

We are fearfully and wonderfully made. We are made to take that leap of faith and follow the dream that seems too large to accomplish. We are made to be bold and ask the scary question that might bring greater freedom in a relationship. We are made to dive into our wounds with our Creator and embrace the beauty of healing.

We are made to do big things. Do you believe that?

Do you believe that Jesus delights in your name alone? Jesus beams with joy as you choose the little things that make you, YOU. Go be bold, say yes to Him and live in your identity. You are His– you can do anything.

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