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Quenching His Thirst

Quenching His Thirst

Anyone else completely over the heat of summer? 

No.. just me? Great. 

I don’t know about you, but once August comes around, I am so ready for fall and for the heat to kindly exit stage right and not return for many, many months. 

I’ve always loved the mild, easy living weather. You know the ideal range of weather– 75-55 degrees. Where the outfits are easy to pick out, it’s pleasant outside whether you're in a sweater or a cute sundress… layers are your friend and you're just comfy. 

But I was thinking about this as I continue to complain about how hot it is and how this desire for constant comfort is a great analogy for how we crave comfort over discomfort so easily in our human tendencies. 

I’m not saying that enjoying mild weather is a bad thing or a sin– but I encourage you to reflect on what Jesus said on the cross, “I thirst.”

In the thick heat of the summer, when you are so thirsty that you can only think about a freezing cold glass of ice water, this is where we experience a small, small fraction of the thirst that our Savior experienced in His crucifixion.

That might seem like a dramatic realization to you, but seriously how often do we actually experience thirst? We live in such a posh, comfy world these days that even if you are too busy to grab the drink you crave, you can have it delivered to your doorstep. How is this helping our sanctity? How is this transforming our hearts and minds? 

Next time you’re extremely thirsty in this end of summer heat, and you want to complain about it and dream of the cool autumn air to come, just take a minute, close your eyes, and say this prayer with me:

“Lord, I desire comfort over suffering daily. Help me to choose the next small thing that will help me become a Saint. You are Lord, I am not, Jesus I trust in You.”

Let’s quench His thirst and lean on Him instead of the world. Heaven can be lived now, friends. Let’s do this together. 

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