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The Eden Set

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“This one, at last, is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.” Genesis 2:23

Adam’s first words when he sees Eve, show the awe and great longing he has for one of his own kind. This decade set was created to help you build a holy relationship. Pray it every day together or on your own and allow God to become the center of your relationship.

Behind the beads: The brown beads for the man’s decade, representing the earth, the ground, that Adam was made from. The white beads for the women’s decade, imitating the bone, the rib, that Eve was brought out of. And a small bead of each other’s color, to show the complementarity of the two. 

(This decade rosary is NOT a bracelet.)


Beads vary between natural gemstone, wood and metal.


Slight color, size, and shape variation is normal due to naturality of the stones.

Orders are shipped within 2 business days.

Free Returns within 30 days.

Our rosaries are the most durable rosaries out there! On the off chance it does break, we will send you a new one, no questions asked!

We'll let the reviews speak for themselves.

We are so grateful for your encouragment and support!

I've loved giving the rosaries as wedding gifts! I'm astounded by the quality and I know they will be cherished as a valuable and sturdy treasure for years to come!


I have several of these rosaries and they are absolutely wonderful.


My first WCC rosary that was gifted to me is what led to my journey of praying the rosary. As someone who is looking to begin RCIA, this prayer has changed my life and drew me closer to Catholicism!


The beauty of your rosaries drew me in and I started praying it daily and have not stopped since.

I LOVE the gardener rosary- it is SO
beautiful! I have prayed more rosaries since receiving it than I have in total this past year.

Your beautiful designs have helped inspire me to pray and remind me how the rosary connects us to Heaven.


I think I’ve bought something like 25 of your rosaries. I have given them as gifts for Confirmation, birthdays, and just because they’re pretty!


The Power of Beauty

The beauty of these beads will make you actually want to pray the Rosary. Before you know it there won't be a day that goes by where you aren't saying those Hail Mary's. As St. Louis de Montefort tells us, "Mary is the safest, easiest, shortest, and most perfect way of approaching Jesus."

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