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Word of the Year: ENTRUST.

Word of the Year: ENTRUST.


To put (something) into someone's care or protection. 

This right here is our word of the year. Entrust. The end of 2022 brought so many abrupt changes to our family, but all very Holy Spirit led, that it was a reminder to me once again that God is in control. If we allow him to be. 

Because we can resist it all we want. We can feel the tugs at our heart and the pull to follow his callings for us and totally ignore it. Whether it be out of fear of the future, or because it’s not what you would’ve chosen, or because the logistics aren’t all figured out–whatever it is, we can come up with a myriad of reasons to not give God our “yes’ ” both small and large. But can we stretch ourselves to trust that God will care for and protect us?

Trey got a accepted a job offer in Colorado (don’t worry he’s never fully leaving WCC) on a Friday, and by Thursday the next week our house was up on the market. A week later it went under contract and we put an offer in on a house in Colorado…and we had to be out of our current home in 4 weeks. All in the midst of the holidays which is a crazy time for small businesses especially, preparing to be vendors for the first time at FOCUS’ SEEK conference, traveling for Christmas, all the gift shopping, sending Christmas cards, saying goodbye to friends in Nebraska…and oh yeah packing up an entire house!

Yes, it was overwhelming.

Over, and over again, though, I heard in my heart,

Trust in Me. 

Trust in Me. 

So many times before I have had this similar feeling in the depths of my heart that Jesus has me. Times where the future seemed so unfamiliar and so uncontrollable and all I wanted to do was take matters into my own hands–make my own choices and plan and control. But always in those moments I have felt him stretch out his hand and say, trust in Me.

So we did. We prayed, and we freely entrusted our life, our home, and our family to God. Amidst the wild changes that are coming in just a few weeks for us, there is so much peace.

Nothing in this world can give you that sense of peace. Nothing in this world can provide in such abundance. Nothing in this world can bring just lasting joy in the midst of potentially such stressful and anxious seasons. The world will convince you that YOU are Lord of your life. You can be seduced into thinking that you can manifest your future, and harness the energy of the universe to create your desired outcomes. This way of life is one of fear–fear that God cannot or will not care for, protect, and provide for his children. 

This simply is not the truth.

Take this month to reflect on how you can open your heart, and release your grip on whatever it is in your life right now that you can’t seem to entrust to Him.

Jesus, I trust in You. 

Jesus, I trust in You.

Jesus, I trust in You.

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  • Alexis Bakken on

    Hey Mari! It was super awesome getting to meet you at Seek! Thank you so much for your beautiful witness! This is exactly what I needed to hear and is also my word for the New Year; a word our Lord repeated over and over to me throughout my Seek experience. I’m sending prayers your way during this season of change for you and Trey! God bless!

  • Melissa on

    Thank you, that was such a beautiful story about your family, and yes you are right let go and let God.

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