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Who are the Saints?

Who are the Saints?

Who Are the Saints?

Imagine having a group of friends so diverse yet united in one cause: living out loud (and beyond) their love for God. That’s your saints! These aren’t your average next-door neighbors (though some literally were). Saints are men and women recognized by the Catholic Church for their extraordinary virtue and holiness. They’re like spiritual superheroes, each with their unique backstory, superpower (patronage), and most times, a miraculous feat or two under their belts.

But it’s not just about what they did; it’s about what they inspire in us. They were real people with real struggles, doubts, and Insta-unworthy moments, yet they chose to live in radical faith and charity. 

Saints’ Role in the Catholic Church

The saints hold a VIP pass in Catholic spirituality for a few divine reasons. They’re not just there to add historical art to church walls or give names to our schools and hospitals. Saints are our spiritual cheerleaders, our heavenly mentors, and sometimes, the relatable face of divine intervention we desperately need.

  1. Intercession: Just like you’d ask a friend to say a prayer for you, saints are there to pass our prayers to God. It’s like having an inside connection to the divine, a direct line to God’s ear.

  1. Inspiration: Each saint has a story that’s both a spiritual resume and a life lesson. Their lives are timeless Netflix series of faith, hope, and charity that inspire us to aim for sainthood in our daily lives.

  1. Identification: Saints come from every corner of the world, every period of history, and every possible background. Finding a saint you connect with is like finding a spiritual twin; their struggles and victories can mirror and guide our own.

Living the #SaintLife in the Modern World

You might think, “Sure, but can I really live like a saint while balancing work, social life, and my Netflix queue?” Absolutely, and here’s the kicker: being a saint today doesn’t mean performing miracles or living in a desert (though kudos if you’re into that!). It means embracing our daily crosses with love, serving others with a joyful heart, and keeping God in the center of our lives, one Insta story at a time.

Think of St. Thérèse of Lisieux and her “little way,” finding holiness in everyday acts of love and kindness. Or St. Gianna Beretta Molla, a pediatrician, and mother who juggled family, career, and faith with grace and tenacity. These women were radical in their simplicity and their profound love for God, showing us that sainthood is within reach for all of us.

Saints: The Original Influencers

So, why do the saints matter today? Because they remind us that holiness is timeless. Their lives challenge us to be radical in our love for God and each other, to find joy in suffering, and purpose in our daily grind. They’re the original influencers, guiding us not toward fleeting trends but toward eternal bliss.

In the end, the saints are not just relics of the past; they are vibrant, dynamic members of the Church, calling us to live our faith boldly and joyfully. So, let’s get inspired, get a little sassy, and maybe even a bit radical. Who knows? Someday, people might be reading about Saint (Your Name Here). Now, wouldn’t that be something?

Live out your faith boldly with West Coast Catholic products that are daily reminders of us striving for Sainthood.

Let’s be saints, ladies! 

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