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What Seasons Can Teach Us About The Spiritual Life

What Seasons Can Teach Us About The Spiritual Life

When I was in college, we used to play this “game,” which was more of a psychological experiment, with friends. It was supposed to reveal different things about you: what qualities you liked in yourself, what qualities you looked for in a romantic partner, and how you see God. The last question was “what’s your favorite thing about nature?” Supposedly, the way someone described what they liked about nature was supposed to reveal how they saw God. 

I don’t know how real this experiment is, but without knowing what it was meant to reveal, I said “trees.” When pressed, I remember saying something along the lines of loving the constant cycle of trees; how they die and come back to life every year. I love how in each season they have a different beauty to them. With the incredibly obvious Crucifixion/Resurrection image there, maybe the experiment is correct! 

All of that is to say, this time of year, with the leaves falling and the weather getting colder, can actually teach us a lot about the spiritual life. As you cozy up and prepare for the holiday season, here’s a few things to ponder: 

First of all, why did God create the seasons? (Given that you live in a place with seasons!) There is something beautiful about the rhythm of the changing seasons. Like I said in the experiment, the trees in my backyard can be a reminder of death and life. In the way that Christ died and rose again, we are called to live our lives in a way that we can have eternal life after death. Along the way, we will all have to experience death both at the ends of our lives, and in little ways that we die to ourselves each day. 

These little deaths, while hard, are beautiful…much like the fall colors! How are you being called to die to yourself in this season?

Second, think about the warmth of “home” during this time of year. In our culture, we are obsessed with cozy things in the fall: warm drinks, blankets, candles flickering. There’s something about the fall season that excited our hearts to create a place in which we can be an experience of warmth for others. It is the perfect opportunity to welcome others into our home and share the love of Christ with them. 

How are you being called to bring the light of Christ into the hearts of others during this upcoming season? If you’re planning some sort of fall/cozy get together with your friends, are there ways in which you can incorporate Christ into your conversations or activities? 

That’s what our Fall Glow Collection is all about: being the light of Christ in the world. Our pieces were carefully crafted to be daily reminders of this light and warmth that we are called to carry within us. The Guadalupe candle is the perfect cozy edition to your home while also directing attention to the woman who literally carried the light of Christ within her. The Crucifix necklace is a daily reminder of the death of Christ on the cross; this death that brought life and light into the world. Finally, the Be The Light waffle sweater is the perfect outward reminder that we are called to now bring this light of Christ into the world. 

We hope these pieces remind you to be the light of Christ to those around you this fall!

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