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What Is the Eucharist?

What Is the Eucharist?

The Eucharist is the source and summit of the Catholic faith. To believe in the Eucharist is to be Catholic. It is what sets Catholicism apart from all other Christian denominations. It beautifully commemorates the last supper when Jesus shared bread and wine with his disciples. He instructed them to do the same in remembrance of him. Through the process of transubstantiation the bread and wine turns to the living body and blood of Jesus while the appearance is still bread and wine. With various miracles having taken place where the bread turns into human flesh in the Priest's hands the Eucharist is something to believe boldly and faithfully.

The Eucharist bonds the body of Christ. It provides grace through spiritual fulfillment, comfort, and strength in their spiritual life. Bringing unity to those that partake in it.  The Eucharist is not only a commemoration of Christ's past sacrifice but also an anticipation of the Supper of the Lamb to come, where believers will share in the fullness of God's kingdom. In this sense, the Eucharist bridges the gap between the historical event of Christ's death and resurrection and the future fulfillment of God's purposes for creation.

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We would love to hear the miracles you have experienced through the Eucharist! Comment below.

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