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Saint Stories: Servant of God, Chiara Petrillo

Saint Stories: Servant of God, Chiara Petrillo

I've got an incredible story to share with you today about a remarkable woman who gave us an example of modern sainthood just a few years ago. Her name is Chiara Petrillo, and her life is a shining example of unwavering faith, heroic pro-life dedication, and the joy of embracing God's will. 

You might be wondering, "Why Chiara?" Well, because she gives us a humble reminder. If she can be a saint, so can we. Chiara's story is one that resonates deeply with women everywhere, showing us that holiness isn't reserved for the distant past or far-off places. It's right here, right now, and it's attainable for each one of us.

Chiara Petrillo's journey on this began in 1984 and ended in 2012, not too long ago. In those few years, she managed to leave an indelible mark on those who knew her and countless others who've heard her story since. Her life was a testament to the sanctity of life itself.

Chiara's story is one of profound faith and extreme joy in belonging to Jesus. Even when faced with unimaginable challenges, she radiated a profound sense of peace and happiness. Her journey was far from easy; she battled cancer not once, but three times. And yet, Chiara's faith in God never wavered.

She embraced her role as a wife and mother with unwavering devotion. Her marriage with her husband, Enrico, was a beautiful example of holiness within the sacrament of matrimony. They didn't shy away from the challenges that life threw at them; instead, they faced them head-on, hand in hand, always seeking God's will. One of the most beautiful things described in the book written about Chiara’s life by her husband and friends, is how normal their relationships was. Enrico and Chiara were in an on again, off again dating relationship in their young twenties and then were married and faced challenges there too. Sound familiar? Saints live normal lives too and have the same challenges we do. Rocky relationships, doubts, hardships and all of the things we face. 

How often do we think to ourselves that sainthood is so unattainable because of how imperfect our love is, how messy our life looks at times? How we reflect on the choices we made and things we said that were not the most holy. Chiara gives us a beautiful reminder that though our human imperfections are still a reality, it is possible to still be a saint and live a life of holiness and live a life embracing God’s mercy over our imperfections.

Chiara's love for her children was boundless. She welcomed each one into the world with open arms, even when doctors advised her against it due to her health. She saw the sanctity of life in its purest form and chose to honor it. Her story reminds us that every life is a gift from God, no matter how short or seemingly fragile.

One of the most inspiring aspects of Chiara's life is her unwavering commitment to living out her faith boldly. She didn't hide her struggles or her pain; she shared them with the world, letting her light shine even brighter in the darkest moments. Her faith was her anchor, her strength, and her source of joy.

Chiara Petrillo's story teaches us that sainthood is not reserved for a select few. It's a path that's open to all of us, regardless of our circumstances. We can find holiness in our everyday lives, just as she did. We can choose God's will over our own, even when it's challenging.

So, my dear friends, let Chiara Petrillo's story be a source of inspiration for you. Let it remind you that living a life of devout faith and extreme joy is possible, no matter what challenges you face. Let her example of a holy marriage and a holy motherhood encourage you in your own journey as a wife, husband or parent.

In the end, Chiara Petrillo's legacy isn't just a story; it's a call to action. It's a reminder that we too can be saints in our own way, living out our faith boldly and embracing God's will with open hearts. May her story inspire us to live as modern saints, just as she did, and to find joy in belonging to Jesus.

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  • Faith Droessler on

    Thank you for sharing this! I really needed this reminder today of what our joy in the Lord is called to be!

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