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Heaven is your Home

Heaven is your Home

What comes to mind when you think of being home?

Your parents?

Your favorite take out restaurant you always grew up going to?

Your old relationships? Both the ones that lasted and the ones that didn’t?

Maybe the way your home smells, or the way it feels when your parents give you the best hug after your long travels to get home. 

Or maybe it’s the feeling of getting back into the bed you grew up in. Or the smell of the coffee your mom always brews filling the house when you wake up. 

Others might have more of a harsh view of home…

Maybe dread rises in your heart and anxiety in your chest.

Maybe you haven’t been home in years because you don’t feel welcome there.

Maybe you push home so far out of your mind that whenever the topic comes up you simply avoid it. 

Well know this friend, whether the word home brings up fond memories, or feelings of hurt, we all weren’t made for the homes of this world. We were made for Heaven. Heaven is our home. 

We were made for eternal union with Christ. To live in full communion with all of the angels and Saints. To have nothing separate us from our Creator for the rest of eternity. And frankly this is the best news we could ever hear. To learn and know that we are made for this eternal bliss should make us ecstatic and strive to live as Saints every single day.

Yet we don’t.

We don’t live in the truth that Heaven is our home. We don’t live with fear that we could potentially not go to Heaven. Because Heaven isn’t guaranteed friends. Eternity is though, and we can choose to live for one or the other (Heaven or Hell).

So what will you choose? 

We decided to really focus on the phrase Heaven is your Home this November, because when we think of November, we think of the beginning of all of the holiday stress. Planning for Thanksgiving, preparing for Advent fasts and sacrifices as well as the mega excitement of Christmas being right around the corner. And we can get so easily wrapped up on all of the chaos and stress and excitement that we completely forget this truth…

Heaven is YOUR home. Yes you. Repeat this phrase to yourself. 

“My name is (insert your name here), and I was made to spend eternity in Heaven.”

It might seem like a simple phrase with silly words, and even as you read this you might be like, “yeah cute strategy for this blog but I’m not saying that out loud to myself, don’t be weird.” But fight that urge to reject this, and just say it out loud. Say it with Jeus and know that He is listening. And then ask Him to give you the grace every day to live in a way that reflects you believing this truth. 

Because when you believe this truth all of those thoughts at the beginning of this blog are still your thoughts, yes. But their weight and attachment to this earth fade. And hopefully your intention and gaze shifts upwards towards the King. Because THAT is what you were made for little one. Eternity with Him.

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