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Five Years Ago

Five Years Ago

Five years ago I felt like I was the only “normal” girl that loved the Catholic faith and wanted to follow Jesus.

I was your average nineteen year old college student trying to achieve the *perfect* balance of a double life. Living for the world Monday-Saturday, and living for Jesus on Sunday and one hour a week at a Christian small group. I was doing great in school, had a fun social life, and was sure I would be a major corporate success in a creative marketing firm after I graduated.

I was happy.

But why does that sentence sound so empty as I write it…

Probably because I didn’t know the difference between temporary happiness and true lasting, fulfilling joy that resounds in every part of your life.

Until I met the Lord in a deeper way than I had before the summer of 2019.

I met Him in His children, in His modern day young disciples.

Through an internship with FOCUS my eyes were opened for the first time, to this vibrant Catholic world full of young people that desperately wanted to be Saints. They were JUST LIKE ME. Cool, Catholic, with zeal for life, fun, talented, interesting men and women who were doing everything they could to live a Christ-centered life.

I knew when I discovered this world that I HAD to share about it, and share about my life as a young Catholic woman in hopes that another girl nineteen year old girl would find me on Instagram and feel that same sense of being known, of inspiration to change her life, of belonging to something so much bigger than herself— Jesus Christ and the home of the Catholic Church.

Over the years this little nudge of the Holy Spirit to write an instagram blog post, turned into a calling to evangelize through beautiful products, turned to working to cultivate a community of like-minded Jesus loving women, turned to hosting live events where you could all come together in person, and so much more.

I now strive to live for Jesus 24/7, Monday - Sunday, I’m married young to an incredible man who loves the Lord, I dream of motherhood and raising little saints, and work full time for the Kingdom. 

Moral of the story? The Lord’s dreams are better than ours.

This month we celebrate FIVE years of the good work the Lord has done in this little corner of the internet. And the truth is, there would be nothing to celebrate if if wasn’t for YOU. Your follow on IG, you consuming and engaging with our content, your support of our business, your sharing all about us with your friends… this month we celebrate YOU as well, the community that you make up and the reality that you have helped create for WCC.

From the bottom of our hearts heart, thank you.

Here’s to all the years to come! 🥂

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  • Ma. Catherine Rebote on

    You inspire us so much with your contents and products Mari and Trey! Keep going! God bless WestCoastCatholic!

    -Cathy from the Philippines

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