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A Girlfriend's Guide to the 7 Sacraments

A Girlfriend's Guide to the 7 Sacraments

Hey, lovely ladies!

So, we’re diving into something super special today - the 7 sacraments. 

  1. Baptism: The Welcome Party

First up, Baptism. It's our welcome party into the Catholic Church. This welcome party comes with a pretty significant gift, it’s one where you get cleansed of original sin and become a child of God. Baptism is a beautiful representation of going into the water with Christ in his death and rising with Christ in his resurrection. Holy Water plays a huge role in the Sacrament of Baptism. Our Holy Water Bottle is a great way to keep the treasure of baptism and new life with Christ at your fingertips. 

  1. Confirmation: Spiritual “Glow-Up”

Next, we’ve got Confirmation. Think of it as your spiritual glow-up, where the Holy Spirit enters into your life with gifts that will aid you in your walk as a Christian. It’s like getting the divine tools to navigate life - wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord. Think of it like a toolbelt, with different tools to use in life or if a toolbelt isn't quite your style, maybe you could swap it out for an everyday wear like our marian belt bag, keep all your spiritual tools on you wherever you go.

  1. Eucharist: First Holy Communion

Moving on to the Eucharist. It’s Jesus offering Himself to us as food for our souls. Can you get any more intimate than receiving Jesus? The Eucharist is a big concept to wrap our minds around. Even at the last supper, many followers of Jesus left because of his teaching (John 6:60-66) But, the gift of the Eucharist is rooted right there in John 6. Jesus is so humble and desires to be with us, so he comes to us in the simple form of bread and wine so that we can be close to him. The Eucharist is the gift of Jesus’ body given over to us, and through it, we are all united. That’s where the phrase “see you in the Eucharist” comes from. All around the world the Eucharist is the one thing to connect all Catholics together. 

  1. Reconciliation: The Mercy of God

Alright, Reconciliation. It’s the divine do-over. Made a mistake? No prob. This sacrament is like the ultimate spa day for your soul, leaving you refreshed, renewed, and in a state of grace. Plus, it’s a reminder that no matter what, you’re loved and forgiven. Talk about relief! Entering into God’s mercy is one of the greatest gifts as a fallen humanity. Though this is an opportunity for a clean slate for our souls, don’t mistake this sacrament for a “car wash,” thinking, “I can continue to fall into sin and then come back to confession for safety. The goal of confession is to do a thorough examination of conscience and confess your sins and receive absolution in full understanding that you intend to repent and sin no more. Now, we are fallen creatures, so we may from time to time fall back into sins we intended to stay away from, but the goal is to become more like Christ with each confession and learn from our past sins to make amends and sin no more. 

  1. Anointing of the Sick: God’s Healing Touch

Anointing of the Sick is next. It’s that reassuring hand squeeze that says, “I’m here for you,” by none other than God Himself. This sacrament brings comfort and healing during times of illness. It’s a powerful reminder of His constant presence and love, especially when we’re feeling vulnerable. It’s also important to remember who Jesus is and what his life in ministry looked like. The miracles of healing in scripture are not reserved for that time only. Jesus’ desire for healing is clear throughout the New Testament and his desire remains the same, even today. The anointing of the sick is a beautiful way to pray in expectant faith for miracles of healing for God’s people. 

  1. Holy Orders: The Divine Calling

Holy Orders is for those called to be priests, deacons, and bishops. It’s like getting the divine call-up to the major leagues of serving God and His people. These guys are our spiritual coaches, guiding us closer to God with dedication and love.

  1. Matrimony: Holy Partnership  

Lastly, Matrimony. It celebrates the beautiful union of husband and wife, partnering up to journey through life with God as their guide. Now, matrimony is different from simply a relationship. Matrimony is a covenant between husband and wife and God. It’s an exchange of vows, or, promises to each other in the presence of God. It is a union that has a mission, a purpose. 

So there you have it, ladies, a rundown of the 7 sacraments. Remember, these aren’t just events; they’re experiences of God’s incredible love for us. Let’s live them and celebrate them.

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